About Jimina.....

Breast Cancer Awareness
My Mother (Shirley) & I

Hello Everyone! My name is Jimina Whittle, proud owner of Southern Treats Sweetery. My story begins like many young girls growing up in the South. I spent my time picking greens, shucking beans and mixing batters to help create our family's traditional favorites. My curiosity with cooking stemmed from watching my aunt, Chynel Sillers, and my Mother Shirley (pictured) create some of the most delicious meals in the kitchen. I was like a sponge, soaking up all of their creative wisdom. Instead of spending most of those hot summer Louisiana days playing outside with my cousins, I used those opportunities with them to watch and learn all of the wonderful techniques and recipe secrets they had to offer!

Some of my earliest memories of baking and cooking with my Mother and Aunt began at the age of 7. It wasn't until I was older that my love for baking began. I would bring pound cakes to family functions and the rest was history. I was on a quest and had become a self taught cake decorator originally offering custom cakes and treats for all occasions. Unfortunately before my journey began professionally, my mother, a retired air force veteran, passed away from stage 4 breast cancer. She never got the chance to see or know of my dream of which she inspired! 


A few years passed as I continued creating custom celebration cakes and trying to teach myself the tricks of the trade along the way. I spent many hours reading books, watching tutorials on YouTube, and following tips in baking groups online to help foster and nurture my curiosity. In 2020, my love for luxury cakes was born and I quickly learned that I had quite a flair for decorating unique styles & concepts. Soon enough, others were requesting wedding & bridal cakes for their bridal showers and weddings. From styled shoots to bridal showers and weddings, I was hooked. I have not looked back since! 

Being able to offer my clients unique individualistic cake designs is incredibly important to me. I regularly invest in my business in order to keep up with the most current trends and techniques.This ensures a stress free wedding experience with peace of mind that your cake is in very safe hands. I am also a graduate of ArtWorks Co.Starters Kitchen Edition Program as well as Mortar Cincinnati, both of which are entrepreneurship business incubators.

I absolutely love my job and there is nothing that gives me greater joy and pride than hearing my couples happily speak of how they felt the first time they saw their wedding cake. The icing on the cake is hearing how much their guests took pleasure in admiring and tasting their cake and treats.