Here at STS, we handcraft delicious homemade goods for your personal pleasure right in the heart of Cincinnati, OH. Be it a baby shower, bridal shower, corporate meeting or birthday celebration; Southern Treats Sweetery can cater to those needs and so much more! Most of our treats are based on our southern roots and recipes. Secrets handed down from generation to generation, helped us craft our signature taste. Through our deep rooted history, we pride ourselves in providing delicious and satisfying treats made from the heart. My mother, Shirley Gonzalez, transitioned before she could see this business conceived. This business was created as a tribute to her legacy. With every morsel you consume, I hope you can feel the love that was put forth. Our treats are loaded with passion, not only by my team and I, but by my Mother who is ever present in our hearts! 


Shirley Gonzalez

Jimina's Mother

Jimina's story begins like many young girls in the South. Her curiosity with cooking stemmed from watching her aunt, Chynel Sillers, and her mother (pictured) throw down in the kitchen. She started off asking a lot of questions to feed that interest. The moment she was old enough to help, she spent her time picking greens, shucking beans and mixing batters to create family favorites. she was like a sponge, soaking up all of their creative wisdom.  Instead of spending most of those hot summer days playing outside with her cousins, she used those opportunities with them to watch and absorb all of the wonderful techniques and recipe secrets they had to offer!

I continued on throughout the years cooking and creating in the kitchen for my family. I cooked to fill a need, but I found my JOY in baking. Friends and loved ones told me for years, “You have something special that you need to share with the world”. For a period of time, baking was just my connection with my mother and to offer my husband and daughter's sweet classics I grew up on. My mother and I would spend a lot of time over the phone while I tried to recreate those magical moments. I never realized that my passion for baking would turn into this extraordinary gift.


What really evoked excitement to pursue my business, was seeing my customers’ faces light up. Their expression after their first bite told me I was on the right journey! There is no greater feeling I can describe, than the outpouring of compliments and support we receive after people try our Southern style homemade treats.

Content/Copywriter: Krystle Marshall